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Title: The Confessional
Author: W.J. Ferguson
Genre: Mystery, Hardboiled Detective
Availability: Paperback or eBook (Sequel coming soon!)
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Hardboiled L.A. Detective, Sebastian Roark is assigned his toughest case yet, when a priest with a shadowy past is found slaughtered in the confessional of a Catholic church. Everyone is a suspect in this crime noir as Roark comes to terms with his Catholic past, and a few theories as to who could possibly kill a priest. Perhaps, a young alter-boy harboring a secret? An uncooperative pastor hiding a possible motive? Or an ex-seminarian with an axe to grind? With a long list of suspects, even Roark wonders if the case can be solved. Will his keen eye and wry sense of humor get him his murderer? If Roark manages to press just the right buttons, the murderer might just fall right into his trap.

Title: Business as Usual
Author: E. Hughes
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Availability: Paperback or eBook
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Summary: In Business as Usual, Elizabeth Byron’s disgraced businessman father enters her into “arranged marriage” with the son of a foreign [Chinese] investor. A marriage meant to last just long enough for him to get his green card.
Elizabeth has a sweetheart of her own and despises her new husband to be, but soon learns than there’s more to this foreign cutie than meets the eye.

Title: A Mediterranean Romance: The Capa Royals
Author: E. Hughes
Availability: Paperback or eBook
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Summary:  When Selena Capshaw’s fiancé jilts her on her wedding day, leaving her with a half-ass excuse and a pair of plane tickets – she goes on what would have been their honeymoon alone, where she meets a dashing and enigmatic businessman, and is soon swept off of her feet by his extravagant lifestyle. Striving to get over her fiancé, Selena is done with love! She aims for a fling with a charming stranger, but may end up falling harder than ever.

Title: Disappear, Love
Author: E. Hughes
Availability: Paperback or eBook
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Summary:  In Disappear, Love, intimacy and passion drives this story of mystery, intrigue and romance…

When Victoria Taisha Lawford, civilian researcher and freelance reporter begins an investigation into a series of arsons striking fear into local restaurants all over the city, she runs into “O”, an old flame who mysteriously disappeared six years ago.

She learns he now works as as a gourmet chef at a Japanese restaurant…the only restaurant in the area to survive the recent spate of fires.

Just when he thought his life couldn’t get any better, O finds himself on the run, unwittingly repaying his family’s debt to a shadowy Japanese mafia outfit by leaving behind the only girl he has ever loved. He returns six years later, working as a chef at his family’s restaurant when a series of crimes brings them together again, and not only must he answer for his mysterious absence, but whether he ever really loved her at all.

Will they rekindle the fire between them? Or will a turn in the investigation make him her latest suspect? O will do everything in his power to keep Victoria safe, even if it means keeping her in the dark.

Title: The Sapphire Chronicles: Broken Lair
Author: Sophie Lace
Availability: Paperback or eBook
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Summary: In the Sapphire Chronicles, a spy trying to leave a life of espionage behind, is drawn back into dangerous territory, while torn between the man she wants and the man she needs.

When the married Harrison Brooks meets the mysterious and attractive Sapphire, he is immediately taken with her, and pursues an affair. She resists at first, but is soon unable to resist his charms. A romantic liaison begins. Little does Harrison know, Sapphire’s a spy, and their meeting may not have been accidental…

Title: Infatuation
Author: E. Hughes
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Romance
Availability: Paperback or eBook
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Summary:  Georgine Louvelle travels to Paris to star in a French stage play. On arrival, she quickly learns that she has been duped by her shady agent, when the establishment he sends her to turns out to be a “gentleman’s club” …a far cry from the sophisticated Paris she’d always dreamt of visiting. She meets her new boss Joe, a cheapskate who not only goes out of his way to make life difficult, but is secretly conspiring with a rich suitor to keep her in Paris.  Things don’t always go according to plan when she falls for Renard, the poor but sensitive, French actor.  Who will our heroine choose?

Title: 2020 A.D. A Dark Cosmos Series (Comic Book)
Author: E. Hughes
Genre: Sci-Fi, Space Adventure (Comic)
Availability: Paperback
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Summary: You’ll love this funny, action-packed, sci-fi adventure! 2020 A.D. a Dark Cosmos Series comic goes beyond the original 3D machinima-animated feature length-movie. See trailer below!

Doomed to a colorless existence in a faraway galaxy, mankind will stage a war for freedom in this science fiction action adventure. When fourteen year-old Opheila Knightflower is kidnapped by aliens [the Kimerians], she is taken to a distant galaxy, bound for the planet Starliss, where male humans are kept as slave laborers and human women are used for breeding. Soon Opheila is rescued by alien hunter Jai and his rebellion, who are fighting to free the humans from the Kimerians and to return home to Earth again. Will Opheila join the rebels in their fight against inhumanity? Or will she find her way back home to see her family again?